We’ve Built Strong Teams :

Our Professional Team

  • We have a phenomenal team of professionals supporting us: contractors,
    expediters, stagers, lawyers, accountant, wholesalers, real estate agents,
    coaches, insurance agents, private lenders, hard money lenders,
    commercial lenders.

Our Contractor Management Team

  • Overseeing the day to day operations of contractors & the job site,
    designing scope of works and contract details, design plans, conducting
    permit and inspection due diligence at city hall, maintenance & repairs of
    our rental properties, etc.

Our Front Office Admin Team

  • We have several team members devoted to performing the administrative
    tasks needed to run our business: answering calls, responding to emails,
    scheduling contractors, coordinating meetings, conducting property &
    industry research, etc.


  • We belong to several REIAs: DIG (Diversified Investment Group) & SJREIA
    (Southern Jersey Real Estate Investment Association), and GPREIA (Greater
    Philadelphia Real Estate Investment Alliance).
  • We have attended well over 100 real estate education sessions which
    includes, general & subgroup meetings, seminars, boot camps, meet-ups,
    and webinars etc.
  • Two family members recently graduated from real estate.
  • Two family members are in training to receive their notary certifications.


  • We launched our website.
  • We have professional flyers.
  • We have professional bandit signs.
  • We have documented our business plan. Please contact us if you would like
    a copy.
  • We are establishing our MailChimp account, which will enable us to
    automate our marketing communications.