Denise began her Real Estate career as an investor and agent in 2006; when the market adjusted in 2008, she repositioned her career with a focus on real estate development. Denise had the great fortune to work for the CIM Group, a leader in Real Estate investments. Her experience from working with a company that controls 19 billion in assets provided Denise insurmountable experience in development, construction, strategic negotiation, marketing and sales.

Denise has a Bachelor of Science in both finance and investments, this has been the stepping stone of her career and every business decision she makes. Her passion for equitable investments and in-depth knowledge of the financial world has given her an edge in finding equitable properties for her clients.

Her passion and ability to design has propelled her projects to break sales records for price per square foot. Denise has the ability to transform a property into a highly desirable home that will generate a maximum sale price for her clients. Being a lifetime resident of Southern California, has given Denise a true insight into our local real estate.

Denise believes, relationships are based on ETHICS, INTEGRITY, UNDERSTANDING and COMPASSION!